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10 Powerful Financial Affirmations to Believe and Receive

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

What are financial affirmations?

Financial affirmations are short, convincing, and impactful statements you repeat to yourself regarding your money and finances.

The law of attraction means believing with conviction that you will achieve a specific goal. In other words, you speak something into existence and believe with confidence that you have the power to achieve your specific goal. Financial affirmations are synonymous with the law of attraction because they can convince a person that they have the ability and power to achieve financial success. Anyone can build and maintain wealth if they truly want to.

Repeat these 10 financial affirmations to yourself:

I am financially free.

I am the master of my wealth.

I am committed to building and maintaining wealth.

I am a rich minded person.

I am wealthy internally.

I am and will always be a wealth builder.

I am worthy of receiving financial blessings in my life.

I am committed to building wealth for future generations to come.

I am on a mission to accomplish my financial goals.

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